You Pay As You Go

Sometimes life gets in the way and schedules collide, making it difficult to commit to a weekly activity. With our pay as you go system, student’s can sign up at any time during the session. You are only charged for the classes you attend.

Individual Instruction

Students work at their own pace with individual help from our teachers. Students choose subjects that they are interested in making it fun to learn and explore drawing, painting, and scuplture!

Materials Included

Students will learn to work in a wide variety of art mediums. We provide professional quality materials for their projects. Students only need to bring a 14x17 drawing pad for class. We have pads for $10 if you choose.


To teach the basics of drawing and give our students the opportunity to work in a variety of mediums. We also let our students pick what they want to work on. Both with the subject and the medium. We want our students to have fun and stay interested in art. By working with each student individually, we can do that!


Learning to draw is learning to see. We teach our students how to draw what they see. Seeing is the foundation on which they build. How to look at light, shadow, proportion, alignment, positive and negative space. Once they have those skills, they can tackle any subject they want to draw, paint or sculpt!